Why Venture?

Why Venture?  

As entrepreneurs, we know first hand that small business ownership is not easy.  It is vulnerable, stressful, time and thought consuming, and there is no play book with how to do it!  

For a small business to be successful, it needs the right supports.  The last thing an entrepreneur has time for is spending time finding and interviewing those right supports.  

We love small business.  We love the entrepreneurial spirit. We wanted to do something real, something tangible to help small businesses succeed within our community.  We truly believe small businesses are the heart and backbones to our communities.  

Venture is low cost/high return for the businesses within the Collective membership, and free for entrepreneurs seeking out help.  It is nothing but a win-win for everyone. 

Thus, Venture Business Collective was born. Our real, tangible solution for helping our communities and their small businesses thrive. 

CONTACT US to use our free concierge service to get you in the right direction OR if you are a conscious, ethical business support interested in joining our Collective. 

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Interested in being a small business that gives back to their community and participates in the Collective? Check out the benefits and criteria and apply online.
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