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Just Bloom joins Venture Business Collective in the Business Consultants Category. Sarah and Angus are changing the way we stoke creativity, problem-solving, resilience and intelligence.  They offer both educational and business team training. 


679 B High Street

Worthington, Ohio 43085


[email protected]

Village Profile:  https://venturebusinesscollective.com/business-directory/justbloomschool/

Just Bloom offers narrative-based Team & Executive trainings:

  • Growth
  • Maximizing Your Personal Performance
  • Communication
  • Burnout
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training
  • Team-Building Exercises in Wayfinding Board, Mapping Motivations and Shifting Perspective

In their most recent independently- verified study with 234 US Army Majors, our training yielded an average 14 point increase in IQ in solving complex, open-ended problems under time constraint. They didn’t grow new IQ. They activated IQ they already had and didn’t know how to use.

For business, this translates to an increased ability to solve problems related to:

  • leadership
  • retention
  • strategy
  • top-line growth
  • failure

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